As a first contribution to this blog, I would like to recommend you the application “StumbleUpon” ( If you have Google Chrome, you can use it as an add-on. I however don’t have Google Chrome, but added it to my bookmarks, so I just need to press (cmd+4) and I can start “stumbling”. (Update: Safari also has a StumbleUpon add-on now!)

The reason I like this application, is because it is an easy way to discover new websites tailored to my own interests. The application tailors future “stumbles” to what I’ve “liked/disliked” before and to what likewise people (sharing the same interests as me) have liked before.

You don’t actually have to install anything (so I don’t think the word “app” is correctly chosen), but I recommend anyone of you just trying it out. You will definitely hear more about websites I’ve found this way!