Journal club format

Journal club sounds like the right name to announce the first paper discussion, since a journal club (an online version), is something that I would really want to evolve from this. Although I’m not expecting a lot discussion at this point in time due to no pageviews 😉 First a little bit of introduction about the type of papers being discussed/presented. The topics as I mentioned before can cover anything within the field of neuroscience, maybe even at times be related to other fields. Topics can cover visual perception, brain development, brain diseases… but will mostly cover sleep, aging and cognition since those are my main interests.

There are different types of papers. On the one hand there are papers providing an overview of everything that has been done with regard to a specific topic or field of interest, these are called review papers.  On the other hand there are papers providing background and results of new experiments (experiment can be interpreted quite broad, i.e. it can be a completely new study, a replication study, a meta-analysis…). The bottom line is these papers try to come with new insights or provide evidence of earlier found results, in contrast to the review papers who mainly try to integrate studies and provide an overview (although these can also provide new insights or guide further research). There are also a lot of other sections found in journals, like “opinion” articles, “brief communications”…

The papers in these online journal clubs can consist of different types of articles, even brief opinion or communication sections. The review papers perhaps won’t allow for much of discussions, and the best thing to do if you are interested in a specific topic within a field is to read the full review paper yourself, but I’ll nevertheless add these papers anyway. It’s a good way for myself to summarise the “summary” and it will allow me more room for choosing articles, without really having to consider the type of article.

Another aspect of the papers is the date it has been published. Sometimes I will provide you papers who have recently been published, but at other times it can be a paper from a couple of decades ago, providing basic insights and knowledge about a topic, or that are now seen into a different light.

So now… up to the first online journal club paper!!