The Human Brain Atlas

Aside from the journal club, I also occasionally want to provide you useful links. Because I don’t consider myself really good in explaining things, and some sites are just wonderful to explore yourself. One of those sites is: Anyone who is interested in the brain and wants to get to know all the structures of the brain from every possible slice section and direction, should definitely go explore this. It’s actually accompanied by a book (“The Atlas of the Human Brain”), which I haven’t read myself, but the resources are free, so that’s wonderful.

In the picture below (click to enlarge) you can see an example of a coronal section of the brain. On the upper right,  where you see the surface of the brain from a side view, you can click different parts to move to a different coronal section of the brain. You can also search for a structure yourself by typing it in the search field. Aside from these brain sections there are a lot more options, e.g. 3D reconstruction, virtual microscopy…

Go explore!!

human brain atlas