I really respect people being able to maintain a blog. When I searched the web for neuroscience-related blogs and subscribing to some (in my opinion) interesting ones, I always found out that at a relatively early point they failed to keep their blog updated (and I’ve also unfortunately experienced this problem myself :-)). It’s quite unfortunate because you can read a lot of articles, but you’ll always miss out on some, and well it’s  nice to read someone’s opinions and keep up-to-date with neuroscience-related news, trying to avoid “news”-sites providing a biased view and sites that are more aimed at attracting attention for the “sensation-seeking” public.

Recently however, I came across an interesting blog of Bradley Voytek (he actually has multiple sites). Asides from covering neuroscience papers, he also talks about neuroscience related topics in a very interactive way. The way he writes really adresses the reader and makes his blogs very accessible and fun to read. So if you’re interested in a blog that is more frequently updated I definitely recommend you this one. In addition he also has a list to other neuroscience blogs that might prove useful to you. If you don’t really feel like browsing through all of the blog messages, I recommend reading the blog message “How to be a neuroscientist?” and if you don’t feel like reading at all, I recommend watching his TEDxBerkeley session.

Also… another really useful link I came across thanks to this blog is PubBrain. Just type in a topic of interest, for example “sleep AND aging” and you get a list of brain regions and the respective publications that link the brain regions with the topic of interest you entered. Hope you find something interesting!