Human brain and gene expression

Today a TED talk of Allan Jones was posted. Since my love for open source (a love that I’ve already mentioned numerous times, but not enough however) I want to share this talk with you, and other great resources that are directly related to Allan Jones’ work.

Allan Jones is the CEO of the Allen Intitute for Brain Science, an institute which provides open source tools and data for gaining understanding into our beloved brain. This non-profit medical organization wants to gain insight into how the brain works. One way they approach this is by mapping gene-brain interactions in the (developing) mouse as well as the human brain.

For anyone interested in the human or mouse brain, I strongly recommend checking out the Brain Atlas website with interactive three dimensional atlasses of the brain. Also check out the different tutorials you can find on their channel (e.g. tutorial on using their Brain Explorer software), to take advantage of the wide range of options the tools provide.

WIRED also provided a nice post of the work that’s being done in this institute.