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How does sound influence our sleep?

This quora question just got my attention and here is my contribution in an attempt to answer it. There are different studies representing different ways on how sound might influence one’s sleep or… Continue reading

How come hibernation doesn’t have a restorative function?

While reading an article on HowStuffWorks about hibernation (a state of energy conservation characterised by a lower body temperature, slower breathing, lower  metabolism…), I was a bit puzzled by the following sentence “When an animal… Continue reading

Is there proof that slow wave sleep is beneficial?

There have been some studies that attempted to interfere with slow wave sleep while keeping other sleep parameters intact, e.g. sleep duration, REM-sleep, stage 1-2 sleep duration, nocturnal awakenings… Such studies have revealed… Continue reading

Human brain and gene expression

Today a TED talk of Allan Jones was posted. Since my love for open source (a love that I’ve already mentioned numerous times, but not enough however) I want to share this talk… Continue reading

Do people who sleep more than average have better memory?

In search of answers on many questions that pop into my mind, I came across Quora. This is a great Q(uestions)&A(nswer) site on a wide range of interesting topics. Although I’ve only answered two… Continue reading

Stumble upon: the neuron

I recently stumbled upon an animated textbook covering some basics about cellular and molecular neuroscience: This book explains the different concepts in a very concise and clear way, and provides ample graphics and… Continue reading


I really respect people being able to maintain a blog. When I searched the web for neuroscience-related blogs and subscribing to some (in my opinion) interesting ones, I always found out that at… Continue reading

Ideas worth spreading

“Ideas worth spreading” that’s the tag-line of TED, a new website I want to share with you! Technology, entertainment, design, business, science and global issues… those are the topics TED-tv has to offer.… Continue reading

The blessing of OpenCourseWare

I absolutely love open courseware! It’s great to be able to say mmm, that course interests me and follow that course at your own pace. You’re not tied to a specific schedule and… Continue reading

The Human Brain Atlas

Aside from the journal club, I also occasionally want to provide you useful links. Because I don’t consider myself really good in explaining things, and some sites are just wonderful to explore yourself.… Continue reading